Baobab Fruit Powder

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The Baobab is a prehistoric species which has adapted to its environment over time, enabling it to survive in the African savannah where all around is dry and arid. Its fruit is one of the most nutrient-dense in the world – a rich source of vitamin C, almost 50% fibre and high in antioxidants – a genuine, 100% natural superfruit!

Better than a banana. More efficient than an orange!

One heaping tablespoon of Farafena’s Baobab Fruit Powder packs roughly the same potassium as a banana, the same vitamin C as an orange – and half the sugar of either. Plus, it’s rich in dietary fiber and electrolytes. Baobab Fruit Powder is an easy addition to smoothies, sherbert, ice creams, tea, sauces, snacks and desserts. With its light, citrusy taste, Baobab delivers delicious goodness in every spoonful. Age equals wisdom in Africa – and our 2000 years old Baobab trees are wise, for sure.